The John W. Paisley National Alumni Association is a platform for the sharing of knowledge and the forging of a life-long relationship with our Alma mater.

The John W. Paisley National Alumni Association’s mission is to commit its efforts to support our Alma mater and the community it serves.

Our alumni association diligently works to provide programs and services to enhance the lives of the citizens of the communities of our Alma mater. By doing this, our esteemed heritage will continue to be preserved and the spirit of the “green and gold” and the “Paisley Panther” will live and thrive forever.

The Paisley High School National Alumni Association was formed in 1995 with the focus of putting on the Big Four Reunion program and dance.

The success of the Reunion Led to the much broader focus of community leadership and maintaining the legacy of the African American big four schools in the city of Winston-Salem, N.C.

We the members of the Paisley Alumni Association recognize that we must be beacons in the community in order to gain all of the fruits of labor from the seeds that have been planted in the past.

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