Our goal is to keep the members of the A. H. Anderson Association abreast of alumni activities and preserve the legacy of Anderson High School, the foundation on which we stand. Our mission is to give back to the community to improve the quality of life. We recognize that our youth are our future. Therefore one of our major community service projects is the Diggs Latham Elementry School Mentoring Program.
It all started one autumn day in 1958, when the eight grade students of Columbia Heights Elementary School learned they would not be graduating in June as planned. A new program, the 6-3-3 plan, had been introduced into our school system. Our sadden hearts were soon mended at the sight of our new and beautiful institution, the Columbia Heights Junior High School. We had only four months to enjoy our new school before the school term ended.

In September 1958, the ninth grade class at C.H.J.H.S. began the school year with doubts. As the school year ended it was realized that there was not a tenth grade at our school . Most of the students went to Atkins High School where they met knew friends and new teachers.

In September 1960, the students returned to Columbia Heights Senior High School with pride and dignity. In 1962, the first class graduated from C.H.S.H.S.

During the summer of 1962, the name of the school was changed to Albert H. Anderson Senior High School and the class of 1963 was the first class to graduate from our newly named school. Over the next seven years, the school earned many awards and trophies as students excelled in academics and athletics. Then in September 1970, the school reverted from a senior high school to a high school (grades 9th and 10th).

Fourteen years later, the school was officially closed. When Winston-Salem State University purchased the property, the Anderson class of 1964 – with the help of then Alderman Virginia Newell, petitioned the university to retain the name. And so, it was that the university’s refurbished facility was dedicated, the Albert H. Anderson Conference Center, in 1987.

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